Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Getting Ready for an Exhibition

We are getting ready for an art exhibition of our self portraits. It will be organized by Alaydi Craft Center and held at the Movenpik Dead Sea Hotel in May, no wait, autumn 2013.

We painted our self portraits in monochrome. 

 Noor with her self portrait. We're not always as serious as our paintings suggest!

We really love to work with color. Weesall begins to paint a portrait. 

Nofeh laughs and gets covered in paint and Nerriman, who we haven't seen for a while, drops by and paints with us.

Some of our paintings look more dynamic when combined with other portraits. We all have two sides - or many sides - to our personalities don't we.

Once the paintings are sewn together we stretch them on stretchers built by our local carpentry shop. Here the guys come to take measurements while Noor and Weesall use the staple gun.

Noor and Arwa make some striking portraits of Safi women.

We have breakfast after stretching some of the paintings. We think they look pretty good!

As well as self portraits we painted the vegetables that we grow on our farms here in the Jordan Valley. Ali came with us to collect samples.

Alia and Mirvit paint the vegetables while Aishe looks on and gives advice. 

These painting workshops were taught by our old friend and teacher Jean Bradbury who came from Seattle to work with us for two weeks.

We get support from Aramex Jordan who contributed two new sewing machines this year to the women's society. They also pay Jean's travel expenses. 

Beautiful Aishie says you should come by for tea some day. We would love to see you.