Sunday, January 26, 2014

Training Workshops January 2014


We are getting support from UNESCO now, as well as continued support from Aramex. So our design and natural dye skills have been kicked up a notch to launch the new year. Check out our new work.

 We took camera's home to photograph our families. 

Then we drew our families by looking at our photographs. 

After cutting stencils based on our drawings, we stenciled using only paint we made ourselves from local ochre. Then we embroidered.

Weesal's nephew holds her portrait of him and his brother. 

We painted more self portraits to be made into bags. 

Negemi painted this wonderful portrait. 

We are spinning lots of wool these days and using it for crochet and couching. 

We did a lot of dye experiments including lemon leaves, our local giant milkweed, carrot leaves and henna - as well as old favorites like ochre, pomegranate and tea.

We planted indigo and madder to complete our color pallet of natural dyes. The indigo will be ready to harvest in a few weeks but the madder takes three years.